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ATA Floors Installation Guide

When installing ATA Floors, keep in mind whatever you cut, sand or scribe needs to be sealed with the PROVIDED glue. One bottle of adhesive will be supplied per 31 sqft of flooring to seal any cuts or holes made in flooring to continue water proof support.

Step 1

Prep sub flooring by vacuuming and wiping it down with denatured alcohol. Sand out any unlevel inconsistencies.

Step 2

Use Teak Decking Systems FFE-200 decking epoxy with a notched spreader

Step 3

After the floor layout is confirmed and the floor has been cleaned properly, you can start installing your floor. Find your start point and mix your epoxy.

Lay the epoxy with a notched spreader and place your pieces on top of the epoxy. You will want to stabilize the first row from movement.

Using a drop or two of the CA glue provided will assist with the adhesion of the tongue and groove to limit movement, but isn’t necessary and needs to be done quickly because of its dry time.

Using tape on the face is possible as well. The 3M light purple tape has worked well for us in the past because it’s limited on the residue it leaves behind.

If residue is left on the face, you can clean it with denatured alcohol, lightly wiping it until it’s gone.

Step 4

As you get to the end of the row of flooring you will have cutting that needs to be made. Anything you cut, sand, or scribe will need to be sealed with the glue and activator provided.

We will supply one bottle of glue per 31 sqft of flooring and one spray can of activator per 200 sqft of flooring or less. You will need gloves and must spread the glue on every cut you make after the final fitment.

This ensures the seal is guaranteed and doesn’t void the warranty. The warranty will be voided if the cuts are not sealed properly, so take the few extra seconds it takes and do them correctly.

Step 5

After the floor is installed do not walk on it for 12 hours minimum.

The epoxy needs time to dry and will potentially get air pockets under it if walked on too soon.

This can also void the warranty because you will be leaving an air pocket where water can collect under the floor and potentially ruin your installation.

Care for your flooring like the Yacht you installed it on is cared for. Any misuse or damage to the deal can void the warranty. So, if you scratch the face, contact us for our refinishing guide.

You will not have to color match (unless you bought a custom color) so it is an easy fix if caught early enough. As for mounting furniture or anything of that nature, please seal all screws, bolts, etc., with the adhesive provided or 3M marine adhesive sealant 5200 fast cure.

This floor is built to be waterproof, so let’s keep it that way. As for the installation of islands or cabinetry in the middle of the room, any mechanical fastener used will need to be sealed in the hole to maintain the warranty.

Make this known to your installation crews. We can sell you the adhesive we approve for sealing holes. If you decide to use your own version of adhesive to seal the holes and it’s not approved by ATA Floors in writing, then your warranty will be voided.

All warranty claims are subject to inspection in person by our specialists and will be documented accordingly no matter where the claim has taken place in the world.