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About ATA Floors

The Visionary Behind Aqua Tech Acoustic Flooring

Anthony Greener | Inventor & Chief Craftsman

With over three decades immersed in the intricate art of custom woodworking, Anthony’s expertise spans lavish residential homes and the exquisite interiors of mega yachts.

During one of his numerous yacht projects, where the persistent challenge of water-damaged floors presented itself again, he experienced his ‘eureka‘ moment.

Why isn’t there a type of wood flooring that stands tall against the relentless push of water?” he pondered.

This singular thought was the spark that led to the birth of Aqua Tech Acoustic Flooring.

Anthony’s deep-rooted love for woodworking and his knack for problem-solving gave life to ATA Floors — a brand that doesn’t just offer a product but a testament to his dedication, craftsmanship, and forward-thinking.

His vision was clear: to craft floors that resonate with beauty and stand undeterred by life’s unpredictable challenges.

Join us in celebrating a floor born from passion, experience, and the will to redefine the possible.


Our Client

After updating my home with Aqua Tech Acoustic floors, I've truly experienced what it means to merge style with substance. The elegant finish complements my décor, and knowing that spills or sounds won't be an issue? Simply liberating. Kudos to ATA Floors for this masterpiece!"

Elena Rodrigue

Marianne L. Kale

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