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Redefining Luxury with Waterproof Wood Floors

Engineered to outlive and outperform.  Our flooring is the answer to age-old problems of water damage and noise transfer.

Jeremy McGann

"With Aqua Tech Acoustic, every step at home feels secure and sound. Thanks, ATA, for the peace of mind!"

Water Resistance

Can withstand up to three weeks fully submerged underwater..

Sound Proofing

Reduces sound transfer by up to 37 decibels, eliminating the need for underlayments.


The wear layer can be refreshed, extending the life of your flooring.


One-step installation process that’s both cost-effective and time-efficient.

A Trendy Woodwork For Your Luxury Yacht

ATA Flooring

At last, a water-proof wood floor! Aqua Tech Acoustic Flooring, ATA Floors, isn’t just another product on the shelf—it’s a pioneering solution for today’s flooring challenges. In an era where most products are designed with limited lifespans for profitability, we’ve chosen a different path.

Our inspiration comes from a simple yet profound need: to combat water damage and offer sound resistance simultaneously.

With roots deep in the Mega Yachting and luxury residential communities, we’ve witnessed and repaired the aftermath of water damage countless times.

And now, we’re proud to present our exclusive, patent-pending, first-of-its-kind engineered pre-finished wood floor to address this challenge.

luxury yacht wood floors

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Our Client

As someone who's lived by the coast for years, I've seen my fair share of water-damaged floors. Then I discovered Aqua Tech Acoustic Flooring. Not only has it gracefully withstood the unpredictable coastal weather, but the soundproofing is truly a game-changer. My home has never felt this serene. Thank you, ATA Floors, for redefining luxury and durability.

Madison Reynolds